In a continuation of one of the key trends of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer spending online goes up when lockdown measures are tight, and goes down when restrictions are lifted.

This can be seen most clearly when contrasting the UK and France, who have both extended their respective lockdown arrangements, and Denmark and Norway who have both begun to relax theirs; reopening childcare, some schools, and universities and certain services like hairdressers. As a result, we see e-commerce brands in the UK and France continue to achieve 60-90% growth in revenue compared to this time last year, while Denmark and Norway decline towards the baseline set at this point in 2019.

While brands obviously have no control over their country’s lockdown arrangements it does seem to indicate that the boosts to e-commerce in lockdown, while substantial for some sectors, may not ultimately be lasting changes to consumer behaviour – although it’s still a little early to know for sure. This points to a need to engage new customers with effective onboarding to keep them loyal once the world returns to normality.