E-commerce rises again in countries ordered back into lockdown, and open brick-and-mortars don’t necessarily mean consumers will shop in-store and abandon ordering online. Retailers in the US in states that are reopening look forward to the Fourth of July weekend to see whether they’ll see upticks in traffic. E-commerce in China is on the rise again, impacting competitors in the region, while each country in Europe is seeing growth and declines, depending on where you live and your current local lockdown stage.

Here’s what we’re covering in this week’s roundup:

* UK Online Retail Rises Sharply as Shops Reopen

* Nearly 100% E-Commerce and Retail Revenue Growth in the US Since Lockdown Began

* US Consumers Are Through with Bidets and Back to Sports

* Data Insights for the Week in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific

* Top Product Trends of This Week

* Growth Rate of Online Transactions by Region and Country

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