Globally, we’ve observed a trend of growth in online sales for multichannel retailers under lockdown conditions. This appears to be down to two factors:

First — net-new growth in customers for certain sectors (Food and Drink, Home Gym/Office Equipment, Home Improvement, DIY, Pets and Hobbies), which is also reflected in our e-commerce dataset.

Second — shifting behavior of current customers from shopping offline to shopping online.

This second trend has been reflected globally, even in multichannel retailers with stores still open (particularly supermarkets). However, the growth appears largely based on store closures, which leads to countries like the UK, still in lockdown, maintaining record levels of growth. 

Whether this shift to online is sufficient to offset the losses from store closures and other operational expenses will vary significantly from business to business (and sector to sector). But it does indicate that, right now in the UK, a strong online offering can keep customers who might otherwise look at alternative options engaged and purchasing.