As the US is poised to slowly start reopening non-essential businesses, there seems to be a correlation between announced reopenings and an uptick in revenue for Fashion & Accessories retailers. As the hardest hit sub-sector of retail, this category is seeing a much-needed turnaround in revenue since the industry’s downfall on March 22nd.

Could there also be a link between this increased revenue and masks? According to a recent article in The New York Times, experts are estimating that we may be required to wear masks in public places for up to a year. With many fashion brands pivoting their manufacturing to PPE, there is significant press and marketing surrounding these efforts — Forbes and Today are just a few examples. But masks alone do not equal revenue: The feeling of safety, social responsibility with “Buy one/Give one” initiatives, and empathy radiating from the retailers who have embraced this new normal are the main factors driving engagement and customer loyalty. (And also, maybe the fact that we all need new pants since we’ve gained the dreaded Quarantine-15…)