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This website was developed to put up-to-date consumer data on e-commerce and online retail in the hands of business owners, giving them the actionable insights

Why We Created COVID-19 Commerce Insight

At Emarsys, we wanted to help our customers, partners, and the business community during these challenging times.

We developed ccinsight with a goal of putting up-to-date consumer data in the hands of business owners, economists and policy makers, giving them the actionable insights needed to navigate this economic crisis.

That’s why we created this platform — which surfaces consumer trends that can be used to understand, visualize, and exchange ideas, as well as help businesses mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19. Drawing upon over a billion engagements and 400 million consumer transactions across 120 countries, ccinsight provides a global and regional picture of pure e-commerce and online retail performance and trends — a key indicator of economic conditions during the outbreak. We are continuously looking for partners to contribute data points, ideas, knowledge, blogs, and articles. If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact us at: [email protected]

We’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve our service to you. If you have feedback or requests please submit it here.

The Data

The data included in this visualization is an anonymized subset of the online sales of brands in more than 100 countries, based on consumer engagement across more than one billion consumer profiles and 2,500 global brands. Although the data is diverse in landscape and industry segments, it does not include data across all categories in all markets uniformly.

This data does not represent the total sales in a market or category, and it is not an economic forecasting or budgeting tool. It is designed to help businesses and brands discover signals in consumer behavior that enable them to plan and adapt to change in the global retail landscape resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. While we believe access to daily data and trends can help our community persevere and prevail during this uncertain time, please remember that even data visualizations based on accurate data can be misleading and should be used with discretion.

As with any data project and visualizations there will be some deviations with a project of this scale. There are some cases where certain geographies or certain categories are disproportionately affected by out data set, the customer data and the product data we have access to might not be representative of a market. We have made every effort to deal with as many of the outliers and anomalies as possible but are committed to working on adding in more data sets from partners and making sure any trends are explained and understood. If you have any questions on a data trend or believe you’d seen an anomaly please contact us at [email protected].

We will work with our community of brands and technology vendors to continuously add in new data sources. We will also deploy our data science team to look for patterns, anomalies, and trends in complex data sets. This will help us all as a community to manage times of uncertainty and provide an evolving view of global commerce activity, for free, to everyone.

Economic Indicators

The data — processed from over 1 billion consumer interactions, over 400 million orders, across 2,500 global businesses — is aggregated, anonymized, and updated daily.  

Revenue Value

Calculated using the global population of online sales (includes desktop, mobile, tablet, and in-app purchases), this measures the number of consumers who completed an online transaction, checked out, and advanced to the order confirmation page (merchant contacted payment processor). 

Number of Orders/Transactions

Calculated using the total number of transactions, independent of the items in that transaction (not looking at the number of products sold but the number of orders completed and payments processed).

About Emarsys

Emarsys empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. By rapidly aligning desired business results with proven omnichannel customer engagement strategies — crowdsourced from leading brands across retail, e-commerce, travel, and other industries — Emarsys enables companies to accelerate time to value, deliver superior 1:1 experiences, and produce measurable results. More than 2,500 companies worldwide trust Emarsys to deliver the predictable, profitable outcomes that their businesses demand and the highly personalized omnichannel experiences that their customers deserve.

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